William (Bill) Cooper

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William (Bill) Cooper

Post  Guest on Wed 02 Mar 2011, 19:41

For many he's a hero and a whistleblower but to those who knew and had to deal with him he's just a delusional maniac and attention seeker.

Bill Cooper's possibly mostly well known because of his legendary lecture he once gave at an UFO-conference back in 1989 or 1990 where he painted the whole phenomena in a dark light and claimed that the government would be in cahoots with extraterrestrials.

He was an impressive speaker for sure and for those who are rather uninformed it sounded like he spoke the truth. I also thought that several years ago. Now I am aware that his story is based on several memes which have been spread by the Aviary, an obscure group which consists of various charlatans and attention seeker who claim to be in on the inside and spread disinfo because in fact they don't have anything to tell. More about them later.

To make a long story short Cooper seems to have had quite a scratch in his plate and it's unfortunate that not many people really know about that. And if they do they just ignore that truth since people in ufology tend to believe in what they like. So anything which could shake their world view will be ignored by them. That's why many hoaxers and charlatans are still being supported by the community and aren't already sorted out.

Last year Don Ecker did a fabulous show where he exposes Bill Cooper quite well and I'd recommend anybody to listen to it. It certainly will change your view of this man:


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