World leaders briefed on UFO battle near Earth

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World leaders briefed on UFO battle near Earth

Post  Terrestrial on Sun 28 Nov 2010, 09:58

I know it's funny but just try to read this...

World leaders have been briefed on a devastating UFO battle between Zetan 'Grey' And Sirian aliens on the fringes of the Zeta Reticuli star system, around 39 light years away, that has claimed the lives of over four hundred thousand alien beings. Most of the casualties were Zetan Aliens known colloquially on Earth as 'Greys'. A few hundred casualties were of the highly advanced Sirians whose consciousnesses can be placed in new bodies.
Frantic communications between the US President and alien groups such as Andromedans, who are friendly to Earth, have assured our leaders that the incident poses no threat to Earth.

The conflict began when bandit Greys threatened Sirian power in the region, which includes our solar system. Greys are seen by many as a potential threat to Earth and hostile to humanity. The 'Grey' bandit leader, Ru-Illiar was killed in the event which saw seven hundred mostly Zetan UFO craft destroyed in a dramatic space battle and a Zetan lunar colony in Zeta Reticuli obliterated.

Greys have objected to Sirian hegemony for millennia and are protesting over being denied technology and resources by the Sirians, who regard the Zetans as belligerent. UFOs built by the Greys are typically shaped like classical flying saucers while Sirian ships are immense pyramid shaped craft. Greys have been described by both alien abductees and Roswell witnesses many times. They are described as having oversized heads, almond eyes and greyish skin.

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