NASA Administrator on UFOs and alien life : "rewrite textbooks" soon

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NASA Administrator on UFOs and alien life : "rewrite textbooks" soon

Post  Terrestrial on Sat 02 Apr 2011, 16:08

In the last few hours, several copies of a video have appeared on Youtube with the following titles:


"NASA ADMINISTRATOR: U.F.O.s ETs very possible! -MARCH 2011"

"NASA Administrator admits to Aliens Existing, but not here visiting"

The video includes footage of the new International Director of MUFON (Clifford Clift). It also includes Edgar Mitchell (the sixth man to walk on the moon when he was part of Apollo 14) stating "There is no doubt we're being visited".

The video also features the NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, stating that:

I believe there is good potential for other life in our universe

and that he considers it "very likely" that there is other life somewhere in the universe

(This is, of course, quite different to stating that he considered it likely that UFO sightings are caused by visiting aliens, although several of the titles of relevant videos and discussions on the Internet may imply otherwise...).

Charles Bolden also comments in the video, rather diplomatically, upon the statements made by Edgar Mitchell.

The first of the above copies of the video has a transcript of the segment.

That transcript ends with the following:

It's Clift's belief that the final answers are coming soon with disclosure. After talking with Charles Bolden, he seems it's not a matter of if we find out, it's a matter of when. Bolden said, "I have no doubt about things that will be discovered in the next year or so that will help us rewrite text books."

However, the various copies of the video that have appeared on Youtube during the last few hours end before the relevant part of the purported transcript.
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