Jordan, Syria hold vastly different protests

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Jordan, Syria hold vastly different protests

Post  Terrestrial on Sat 02 Apr 2011, 15:56

(CBS News) Friday has become a day of protest in the Arab world. In Jordan, today's marches were mostly peaceful. But in Syria the government continued its violent crackdown, which the White House has condemned. CBS News correspondent Allen Pizzey reports on two very different protests.
AMMAN, Jordan - The chant could come from any protest rally in the Middle East: "Change now." But the thousands who turned out after Friday prayers in Jordan don't want their king overthrown, just more political rights and an end to what many see as rampant corruption.

What's interesting here is the way the police are facing. Unlike other centers of protest, the Jordanian police were on duty today as much to protect the protesters as to contain them.

It was the exact opposite in neighboring Syria.

Protesters chanting, "We want freedom!", were met with tear gas.

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And even live ammunition in towns and cities across the country, including the port city of Latakia, Homs, the suburbs of Damascus and significantly in Daraa in the south, the epicenter of the revolt which broke out nearly two weeks ago.

More than 70 people have been killed in the upheaval so far. Hundreds injured and hundred more detained.

The violence is a stark contrast to a pledge by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that protesters would not be harmed.

The protests are the most serious challenge yet to a political dynasty that has ruled for more than 40 years by using harsh repression and violent reprisals for dissent, which makes the determination of those taking to the streets all the more striking.
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