T.C.GROUP - The Seinu Disclosures

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T.C.GROUP - The Seinu Disclosures

Post  Terrestrial on Sun 13 Mar 2011, 21:00

As you may already know, we have at the 'OM' Forum been developing a team of researcher who specialise in UFO /Alien disclosure.

Although we have specialised in getting to the bottom of the SERPO disclosures, we have also been in contact with a number of other sources, who also have disclosure information.

Certainly, since the beginning of 2006, the 'disclosure movement' has moved up 'a-pace'.

The disclosures being looked at here are exclusive to OM - and the source, for now will be referred to as 'TC'.

We have been sitting on the TC disclosures since March 2006. We do not apologise for doing so, rather we wanted to undertake some clandestine research instead of muddying the Serpo waters even more.

We now think it is time for the TC disclosures to sink or swim on their own merit.

We present below the entire disclosures to date, and will up date them as and when they develop.

The thread will be locked to ensure only the pure data gets published, however, feel free to open threads to address which ever aspects you want to discuss / analyze.

You will recognise some of this, as someone within TC registered here and posted some edited content on the main serpo thread.

It now has its own place.

Note: 'Charlie' and 'Lucy' may refer to the Schultz 'large headed' characters of the period. NASA, also use the 'Peanuts' terms for a lot of their project code names.

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Re: T.C.GROUP - The Seinu Disclosures

Post  Guest on Sat 19 Mar 2011, 22:00

The "TC Group" is an offshot of the Aviary and the whole Seinu-story is a hoax just like Serpo. The Aviary-members are just attention seekers and hoaxers who never seemed to have been in on the inside. Most of them are authors or even screenwriters. What they do have is lots of fantasy. They aren't interested in disclosure at all but only in how much attention and money they can get. Don't ever waste your time with researching those stories because it's already been proven that they originated from Rick Doty himself. Possibly with a little help of Kit Green.

Google for "the Aviary" and/or check out what the RU-team has found out so far:

The Open Minds Forum (OM) is a place where hoaxes are being promoted. It's a safe haven for hoaxers and attention seekers. Some if not most of the OM-admins are befriended with certain Aviary-members like Rick Doty and Kit Green. One of the admins, Ivo aka Chris Iversen, is even actively promoting the Serpo-hoax by lecturing about it on conferences.


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