Nazi planet?

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Nazi planet?

Post  Terrestrial on Sun 13 Mar 2011, 20:58

After watching interview after interview on project camelot there were a lot of fascinating testimonies but I found the most compelling stories was that of how the Nazi's were never defeated, they simply went underground and seem to have taken control of everything. For those of you who are not up to speed I highly highly recommend you either watch (1st timers) or review these corroborating stories and you had better be sitting down when you awaken to this one.

I recommend watching in this order...

After watching this have a look at this article.

I also recommend visiting Dr. Joseph P. Farrells website for additional information:

I believe Dr. Farrell has nailed it with regards to who is the real power behind the puppets and it is echoed by many others including John Lear in his section on open minds forum.
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