The ET Agenda & Making Contact

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The ET Agenda & Making Contact

Post  Terrestrial on Sun 13 Mar 2011, 20:50

Let me put it for you this way, you have Greer who can ~summon~ UFO's and then you have the "Black Prophet" who has done it in front of TV news stations. firefox-a

Perhaps their philosophies match?

(Probably not)


Lets put it this way, you feel I am less than nothing than Greer. But if I start summoning UFO's by mental telepathy and start putting together video tapes, plans and money to build a "new technology". Will that convince you any better of anything I have to do under the direction of ET's?

You want to know how I rate benevolence?

One simple clue I always look for, how much do the contacts actually know about the situation they are in. How much do the actually understand and how much of the behind the curtain situations are they aware of.

1- Shared Knowledge
2- Shared Understanding of a Task
3- How Informed they are in their Roles

If they sound like they have really "loose ideas" about what they are talking about and they sound like they are totally in the dark about what is happening around them....

Then yes, I consider that in my estimation of actual benevolence.

Greer is not the only one to have been able to "summon" UFO's and make get a together and all that.

Nope. There are plenty of those out there in the UFO community. You even have a few who are engaging the "FOL" on this very forum.

Just because they organize themselves and work tirelessly for their ET group(s) does not signify benevolence. I have often noted that few people actually look for benevolent signs in an interaction.

That is why they always end up in dire straights somewhere near the end or incredibly disappointed.

P.S. I help people in the area of understanding what they are going through. That is part of my goal. That and sparking a bit of intelligent conversation to further some understanding on many subjects.

I opted out of the propaganda business. I have a conscience.

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