2012 Where are we heading? ufo grand deception incoming..

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2012 Where are we heading? ufo grand deception incoming..

Post  Terrestrial on Fri 29 Oct 2010, 12:40

Its been a long road to 2012 and we are just now at the inception of things to come. Doom or not?

Some people believe a vast awakening of human evolution and consciousness is taking place while others believe aliens from another dimension will be coming to save us from ourselves. In all my years of research on the subject and a great many other topics I've personally come to believe something strange is going on in this world and most definitely something is starting to happen now. Time is speeding up.. Myself and others around me can't believe how fast things seem to be going..

I'm a follower of George Kavassilas and his teachings. He has a lengthy video on youtube called "Our journey and the grand deception". His video can be viewed at

Its a 3 part documentary that goes into a great deal of information regarding who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. I will attempt to break down, as best i can, what its all about and why I believe his information as factual truth. Let me start by saying; when I discovered his video about 5-6 months ago, the whole time I was listening to this man speak all I could feel within my being and I kept seeing the word TRUTH in my minds eye while listening to him speak. For 3 hours I listened to the first bit of truthful information in all my 31 years on this planet.

He starts off by saying we are all Gods in our own right. We all have a higher aspect of ourselves back home somewhere creating our own universes. Our universes operate a bit different though and at that realm we could see one universe doing something radically different. Light,sound,vibration.. That which makes up this current place we reside. We all came into this universe on its 9th dimension and slowly fell down through the various dimensions. The reason we came here was to learn how to make our home universes like this one, so in order to go back with that knowledge we had to experience this one to its fullest.

He goes on to say that a great deception is coming. There are beings-- souls-- what have you, who are manipulating the whole Earth from a higher level, the 4th dimension and they've replicated the entire structure of the universe on that 4th dimension.. These beings pretending to be pleidians or blonde nordics have created a false light body which they will use to deceive the masses in the coming months and years leading up to the 2012 deadline. You see, we all have a choice to ascend with the mother Earth or be taken off planet via ships.. Things will be so chaotic down here that most will line up to get on the ships and leave. Another possible scenario is a mass extinction event, at which point the deception happens in the 4th dimension or astral realm. You may be tricked by these beings who will try to sell you the idea they are the ascension and to go with them.. DON'T GO!! You will be taken to another time and place and enslaved yet again by these false light beings. The Galactic Federation in my personal opinion is the false light.The idea is to stay on the planet till she ascends and we will naturally ascend with her. You will know which path is right for you by a feeling of resonating with a particular path. Some will feel that being saved by them and going with them is just right.. That is their path..

I want people to be aware of whats coming and I always cite Georges material even his new videos are a great source of truth. Its my hope anyone who comes across this blog gives at least 3 hrs of their life to watch the video I've linked here. I want people to have a chance when the time comes to make an informed decision.
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