Guests from Outer Space

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Guests from Outer Space

Post  Terrestrial on Tue 18 Jan 2011, 18:12

British scientists insist that we will meet with extraterrestrial civilizations in the near future. The Royal Academy of Sciences has released a report on the latest researches devoted to the existence of life in the universe.

However, Russian scientists are skeptical and do not expect guests from other worlds.

"The British scientists proceeded from the equation by famous American astronomer Frank Drake that is used to estimate the number of detectable extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy, which might have the technology to communicate with others.

However, the Drake equation does not give an unambiguous answer to the question whether there are other civilizations and how many," says Professor at the Institute of Astronomy, Nikolai Chugai.

“At the present level of knowledge, the lowest estimation of the number of civilizations is one millionth in the galaxy. In short, the probability of the existence of civilizations is practically zero.

The upper estimation, which was given by Drake, is about ten civilizations. In these circumstances, we cannot seriously tell about the discovery of extraterrestrial civilizations although research is being conducted to this end. It is justified and sensible,” says Nikolai Chugai.

"Another problem before us is the problem of communication. No one knows whether the living beings from other planet will show interest in each other and whether they will desire to communicate with us or whether we wish to do so." Here is an opinion from Nikolai Chugai.

“The probability that we will discover a civilization, the intellectual and technological level of which is the same as ours and we also have the same interests as they have, is negligible. Most likely, either their level is higher than ours or vice-versa.

In case their level is lower than ours we have no interest in them and if their level is higher than ours, we are not interesting for them,” Nikolai Chugai said.

A search for extraterrestrial civilizations has been going on in the past 50 years. However, no one has presented scientific evidence of their existence yet. All talk about the so-called “green men” is not serious.

How can one assess something that has not yet been discovered? Nevertheless, Russian scientists believe that there is a need to resume studies on the issue.

The Royal Academy of Sciences is the initiator of creating an agency for making preparations for meeting living beings from other planets. However, it’s too early to lay the table for the guests from outer space.

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