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Lt. Colonel Philip J. Corso...

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Another Roswell artifact was a black lens covering removed from an Alien corpse. The doctor who peeled the lens from the Alien's eyeball held it up to his own eye and saw that if he walked down a dark hall, he was still able to see in the dark. When Corso read the report and studied the black lens, he decided to turn it over to Martin/Marietta, which later became Lockheed. Corso chose them as the ideal government contractor to develop night vision lenses for troops in battle at night since they were already under contract to develop other instruments for battle.

A fiber cable that could bend light was also discovered in the Roswell disc. A piece of this cable was given by Corso to Bell Telephone labs to reverse-engineer for their telephone communication. This technology later became known as fiber optics.

Clothing fibers extracted from the Aliens' garment were unlike anything here on Earth. This supertenacity fiber was turned over to Dupont and Monsanto which they incorporated to develop bulletproof vests in use today.

Other Roswell technology distributed to government contractors by Corso included a Roswell tool which produced a beam of light so intense it could cut metal like butter. This Roswell technology was used to develop the laser beam we have today as well as adapted and used as the origin for microwave ovens.

Corso explains the military rationale for debunking the cattle mutilations and alien abductions: Since the military was unable to prevent these things from happening or to explain them intelligently to the public, it was simpler to debunk people's stories or let them think they were delusional. Also, there is nothing in the book suggesting that the U.S. Military is working secretly with Aliens.

This book does an excellent job explaining the military's planning as protector from a perceived global threat, while also showing how rapidly our technology advanced after alien artifacts were distributed and reverse-engineered. This is a must have book for every UFO library. To order the book, click on the bookcover above.

Destined to become a field and research classic, this book is authored by a retired colonel from the United States Army. Having served as an advisor to various presidents, Col. Corso (retired) has the highest status to date of anyone coming forward to openly admit the truth about the UFO which crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947.

Now in his eighties, the author had such a high level position with the army that anyone doubting his veracity must acknowledge the man had nothing further to gain by telling the truth at his age. The book is written crisply and will captivate anyone interested in UFOs, military buffs, or anyone having fought in World War II, the Korean War or Viet Nam wars. Much presidential history is covered in detail with good links as to which presidents were informed and which ones were misinformed by those they believed to be their trusted cabinet or CIA contacts.
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