Proof Of Anti Gravity technology caught on Film!

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Proof Of Anti Gravity technology caught on Film!

Post  Terrestrial on Mon 20 Dec 2010, 13:58

If it was an aircraft from the light display it would be facing the camera but when it starts moving to the left the lights are in same position?

The craft is obviously travelling slowly from left to right and is also coming closer to the shore, Then the craft get's really bright and pulses crazy colors and then changes direction instantly and begins traveling to the left but without any changing of the actual Orbs of lights orientation to each other???????????

Keep that in mind and check out this video...

UFO researcher/advocate Jim Dilettoso perform "spectral analysis" of video imagery of these exact same Double Orbs of Light UFO's showing up over Pheonix, Texas, and it would be great to have Lake Erie Footage examined, Jim Dilettoso proved these Ball Of Light/Plasma could not have been produced by a man-made source.

Dilettoso determined the amount of red, green and blue in the various video images and constructed histograms of the data, which were then compared to a database of known light sources such as flares, Lanterns, Planets, FAA lights, Etc.

The Balls of light UFO's do not match up to any known "spectral analysis" histograms of any known light sources, that was the conclusion.

Starts Aprox. one minute into this clip...

Also these double Orb's of light have also been filmed all over the world as I said and have made mainstream news in other parts of the world...Over India!

These clips show the exact same UFO's I have filmed even doing the same moves only over India.

France 2009

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Re: Proof Of Anti Gravity technology caught on Film!

Post  WingsofCrystal on Mon 20 Dec 2010, 14:24

Great article Terrestrial.

remember Hersey Ross
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