Dreams are Doorways to Other Worlds

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Dreams are Doorways to Other Worlds

Post  DRACO COMMANDER on Sun 12 Dec 2010, 23:35

Many of you people only know the basic understanding of your matrixed relm of reality. You only can understand what you see in front of you, you can only understand what you can see, feel , touch, and taste and not what you sense or what you invision in your divine minds.
There is an entire World out there , in your mind you have stargates to other Worlds.
The Scientists are Quick to dismiss Dreams as mere imagination but I know dreams mean a hell of alot more then what you can possibly understand or believe.
Dreams depending on emotion and intensity can send you to different times and different Worlds your Soul has been in the Past, the reality is you folks do not know your Incarnated Past and therefore cannot understand that you are travellers of time and space and that your Physical Bodies are mere Vessels or Matrixed Spacesuits.

When you are alive you sleep and when you die you wake up!, this is basically it.
Dreams can mean many different things, dreams can take you to the future , dreams can take you to the past, dreams can warn you of future events, dreams can be manufactured by the Reptilians to produce a reaction into you, dreams can be remembrance of Movies or T.V. Shows , dreams can be Sexual , dreams can be horrible and Dreams can be Wonderful and beyond Words .

The Greatest Secret is that you can control the outcome of your dreams if you can understand that you are supreme Master of your Dreamworld , Once you understqand you can change the outcome of your dream you can now become a Master of your Reality. Always keep your Reality a positive one.

Your thoughts are Light Speed Activated, you can communicate with Star Nation People from other Worlds by just thinking about them, they are just a thought away, you must practice meditation to communicate with the Light People.
Your Mind and your Dreams are the most incredible gift you have , you must tune into your Heart and into your Spirit.

Close your eyes , feel your yourself within your Organs, invision yourself from within, invision your internal self, invision your Bones, invision your muscles, feel your life, feel yourself deep within you, you Exist because you are!, you Are! because you Exist, you are the Eyes of God , you simply cannot die because you are all immortals.
Awaken the Light within , when you accept the this truth you will live without fear because you continue beyond the physical because you are immortal light.

Dreams are much more then you know friends , so much more. Peace to all.


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