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Post  DRACO COMMANDER on Tue 07 Dec 2010, 23:06

Today we are going to Learn about Alien Physiologies and the Types of Planets there are out there in Space. Are you ready folks because what I will share with you will be incredible so soak this information in slowly so you don't get freaked out because this stuff is incredible.

This Galaxy has 4 different Types of Worlds or Planets that support Life and these Planets are Enviroments rich in 4 types of Gases that support the Alien Beings out there in Space. The most common Gas that we are familiar with is Oxygen, Earth is Primarily an Oxygen Based Planet able to support O2 Lifeforms, O2 lifeforms are the most diverse in the Galaxy, Humans live on these types of Planets as well as other Alien Beings.

The Second type is Hydrogen Based Planets , these Planets are piping hot and are rich in deserts and rich Vegetation , the Lifeforms on these Planets are Reptilian and if you breath Hydrogen , being a Human you will Suffocate and you will Die, Reptilains on the other hand can breath this Gas naturally and with no problem they can also breath Oxygen, The Planets around Alpha Draconis are Hydrogen Based as well as other Planets.

The Third type is Methane Based Planets , these Planets can support life but these Planets are like in the Movie Avatar , these Planets support Exotic Lifeforms that are not like other Planets. These lifeforms are very tough and resilient, Aliens on these Planets can only breath Methane.

The Fourth type is Ammonia Based Planets, these Planets also support Life , but the lifeforms are different then that of Earth. Ammonia stinks and has a foul smell.
These Planets also support life.

Currently the Military has Catalogued 57 Different Alien Races and many of these Space People breath these types of Gases , that is why when these Aliens come to Earth to Visit the Ones wearing Breathing Helmets are usually the types that cannot Breath Oxygen and therefore need their Spacesuits to walk on the Earth, these Aliens can be Ammonia, Hydrogen, or Methane Based Breathers.

I hope this Information will broaden your perspective on Alien People out there in Space.

The Reality you live in is unbelievable beyond Words.

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