Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit

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Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit

Post  Terrestrial on Sun 05 Dec 2010, 18:20

Thought you may find this interesting...

Quote:Over six decades ago the leaders who commanded our nation's Army had reached a stunning conclusion about the unknown vehicles that were flying with impunity over the world's skies. Based on their studies and observations, they had determined that some of these vehicles were in fact arriving from other planets. These UFO files have been confirmed as authentic by the US Government. Decades later however, they remain secret and unavailable to the public. The distinguished military leaders that have been implicated in this hidden UFO project include such historical figures as General Douglas MacArthur, General George C. Marshall and General Charles A. Willoughby.

The US Army has made some rather startling official admissions about the IPU. We learn from information that has been collectively culled from these three documents that:

· The US Army confirms that within their Department of Counterintelligence there was in fact an "Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" or IPU

· The IPU was "disestablished" in the late 1950's

· The IPU records were "surrendered" to the Air Force (AFOSI) in conjunction with Project Blue Book (confirming that the IPU dealt with the UFO phenomenon)

· The unit was an "in-house project" as an "interest item" for an unnamed Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence

· That the unit (they claim) lacked formal "function, mission or authority"

· That it is only through "institutional memory" that the Army knows of the IPU's existence
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